Life Events| I’m Moving in with a Guy

Hi everyone!! I know it’s been forever, let’s get down to it. (Here’s your suggested music for this post: House Party- Sam Hunt)

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and so many life changes have taken place. Now I’m moving in with a boy! And we matched on Bumble!

Ok, before I mislead you any further, I’m moving in with my bestie and our male friend “T”. As far as matching on Bumble goes- T texted our group chat the day after his birthday saying that he found me on Bumble now that he was in my age range, and that I “better fucking match” with him.

Now the way T came into our lives was completely through chance, randomness, and a little bit of luck. It’s one of my favorite stories to tell and that’s because T is sometimes…how should I put it? Let’s go with- not super detail oriented. My bestie and I joined a social sports league with a bunch of our friends and a couple weeks later we noticed that there were two random people on our team roster that no one knew. Now, this might not sound weird, but for this league the only ways you can join a team are- 1. Through a link emailed directly to you by the captain of the team, or 2. Search specifically for a team name to find your team and join it. So basically, there shouldn’t have been anyone on the team that we didn’t know or hadn’t played with before.

Let’s jump to the first night of the season. My friends and I gathered on the courts and we see these two guys standing off to the side not really near our team and not really near the opposing team. My bestie and I look at each other and smirk. We know these are the rando guys, we did our research (Read: Facebook stalked them).

We walk over to them-

Us: “Hi, I think you’re on our team.”

Them (looking at each other confused): “Is this such-and-such’s team?”

Us: “We don’t know a single person with that name, but trust me, you’re on our team.”

And that was it. Turns out they joined the wrong league because they picked the wrong neighborhood league and saw a team with a name similar to the one they were actually supposed to join with their friend such-and-such. They fucked it up, and now we have two great new friends and we’re living with one of them! T is a total goofball and so damn funny in a weird little way, it’s great. He’s also a pretty boy and he knows it. One of my favorite things about the friendship between my bestie, T, and myself is that we were quickly able to share so many personal things with each other. T is 100% down to have group texts conversations about life and dating and sex and everything. Not only does he listen to our life or work or personal problems and give advice, but he also tells us about his and we give him advice. Ok, we might all give each other terrible advice, or encourage each other to make questionable decisions, but it’s great.

We’re so happy that T came crashing into our life with his goofy giggle, sly smile, and inappropriate jokes. My bestie believes that people come in and out of our lives for a reason. There were so many damn things that had to happen for us to meet him it still blows my mind. We last-minute decided to join that league and changed our team name like three times before picking one at the last minute. Combine that with the fact that T and our other friend just happened to look at the wrong league, and there’s just so many things that aligned for us to find our new roomie.




Ok, but now let’s get serious about living with a male human. Here are the potential major problems of living with T- 1. He loves country music. 2. He has an android and texts to/from him take a split second longer to go through.



Here’s to a fun year with two hot roommates.



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